Saturday, August 23, 2014


One day in Banepa, I got to try giving farming a hand! I did 2 parts. First I stood about ankle deep in watery mud and ripped out rice shoots. When I had a good handful, I’d shake the roots around in the water to get the mud off. Then with a piece of straw, I’d tie the shoots together in a bundle.

Next, we took many of the bundles over to a new plot of land. It was also deep, watery mud. When I hopped in, it was warm from the sun and reached up to my calves. It was gross at first, but after awhile, it felt really nice. It was like wading around in soupy mashed potatoes. Anyways, we untied the bundles of rice, then shoot by shoot we re-planted the rice into the mud. We planted them less densely than where we took the shoots from. The rice will eventually fill in.

Uprooting the rice. I'm in the green shirt

Plowing through the mud

Transporting the bundles of rice

Notice how deep the mud is

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