Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Irish friend

This is a brief post about my friend, Katie, who I met in the hostel. We had a good time together. She was only in Nepal for a month, but it was nice to have a friend back at the hostel. Every couple of day we’d walk around town to get mangoes or see the town. One night during loadshedding she told me to tell her a ghost story. I only know one, so I said,

“You are the last person alive on the entire planet. You’re sitting at home, when someone knocks on the door…”

“Huh, that’s interesting,” she said. “The Irish version is: You are the last person alive on the entire planet. You’re sitting at home, when you smell someone else’s fart…” I thought that was hilarious because for some reason that just doesn’t seem scary.

One day we rented a scooter and went on a little adventure. First we rode around town looking for gas. None of the gas places would sell to us. I suspect it was because they only fueled up buses and cars. We rode back to the place we rented from and they said the fuel tank was full but the meter was broken. So, after doing loops around town, we went to where Katie was volunteering, the spinal hospital. It was a really nice facility.

Then we drove straight out of town and into the countryside. Katie drove most of the time (I might have crashed the scooter into a rice paddy). Other than that, it was really nice. We came across a large suspension bridge. After crossing it we found a little Buddhist monastery. It was a nice find!

Katie left while I was in western Nepal. She left me a hilarious note. She was supposed to go to India, but the visa didn’t work out for some reason. So I think she’s in Chitwan riding an elephant or something.
Trying to refuel the scooter

At the hospital with a small friend

Testing out the wheelchair. Quite a workout, glad I can walk

Sometimes people play wheelchair basket ball.

Spinal Clinic
The bridge we stumbled upon

Small buddhist monastery

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